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We’re a West Midlands based internet marketing agency, here to help your business throughout its online success!

Our Digital Media Services


Targeted pay-per-click marketing with our expert PPC team.

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Rapid Prototyping

Visualise and validate your new ideas, apps and products at a fraction of the cost with functional, high fidelity prototypes.

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Social Media

There are literally 100s of possible sites, from online directories to social media networks to help your business’s brand identity

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Web Design

Personalised website design that is ‘responsive’ and packed with features that drives engagement.

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About Us

LeanTiger’s consistency of quality of service has built great relationships with our clients and they trust us to guide them through the online jungle. They trust in our ability to deliver and to help with new ways in which to engage their client base without having to plough vast amounts of money and time into a new campaign. Be a key partner with us and boost your brand leading to increased sales through our digital media network!

Digital marketing services LeanTiger

What we do

Strategise Your Campaigns

Building the next ‘big thing’ and hoping that your customers will fall in love with it, no longer works. Your customer knows what they want and if you haven’t got it, they’ll go (click) elsewhere. LeanTiger will help strategise your digital campaign using the Lean UX principles and diving as deep as you wish before building your business online. No business can afford to waste money, time and effort on products and services that won’t sell. LeanTiger’s Nielsen Norman accredited insight and recommendations will give your business the best possible online foothold in your sector… the big boys had better watch out!

Announce Your Arrival

Our social media experts will make sure you are on the right channels and sending out the right message to your potential and existing customers. Local customers will know where to find your business and LeanTiger will give your online presence the best kickstart possible to get you ranking high in search results. Want to guarantee being seen by Google accredited marketing specialists? Then let us set up your Pay Per Click advertising campaign without all the ‘hidden charges’ that the industry leaders like to make you pay. 

Build Your Reputation

LeanTiger will work with you to keep your online content and digital media strategy fresh. This ongoing management is proven to drive your site higher up on Google and other search engines in the most cost-effective way. Keeping an eye on the online health of your business and that of your competition means you are always ready to pounce on the latest opportunity and be seen as being at the top of your game.

Sustain and Develop

We’re all in this together. Through our personal/tailored digital media services we see potential in bringing businesses together via social media and linking strategies. Google rewards websites that share knowledge and know-how, with blogs increasing the potential for growth exponentially! 


Our Projects

From online impact to brand identity, LeanTiger can make your digital media strategy work for you – but we offer so much more too and always with your business’s success in mind!