Keep ahead of your competitors with Rapid Prototyping Design

Visualise and validate your new ideas, apps and products at a fraction of the cost with functional, high fidelity prototypes.

Rapid prototyping brings versatility

Want to take your business in a new direction, or looking into launching a new product? Save money, time and effort by using the power of rapid prototyping to create fully-functional and interactive visions of the complete intended product.

Build products that achieve the best user-acceptance testing. Supply effective and comprehensive supporting documentation for your projects or as part of your tendering process to get accurate project delivery from your third-party suppliers.

High Fidelity Prototyping LeanTiger

Bring your ideas to life

Click through designs like they’ve actually been developed. View your prototype on mobile or desktop: see it in motion and feel the emotion.

Design, animation and interaction in one digital document

Responsive by design means it scales to the device display size

Get real emotion and feedback from your customer base

Inbuilt collaborative tools allow us to work easily together.

Why consider rapid prototyping with us?

Methodology without the madness

Build exact, interactive versions of your intended product quickly and at low cost

Peace of mind

Test and validate your projects before committing time and money

Goodbye to blowing the budget

Ensure your website or app is thoroughly thought through by viewing it as a finished product without any development costs

Cost-effective communication

Help third party developers see your vision for your products in their true light – again, saving you time and money.

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